Wood Deck: What You Should Know Before Building It

With all home renovation projects, mustering the motivation to plan, execute, and finish a project can seem overwhelming. It might even have you wondering if the project itself is worth the work.

When it comes to building a new deck for your home, there is a lot that you need to know. Building a deck is not a small task but it is one that is well worth the effort.

If you are considering adding a wood deck to your home there are a lot of things to consider before taking on the project. 

4 Reasons Why Should You Build a Wood Deck?

First off, why build a wood deck in the first place–because there are numerous benefits that make this project a valuable addition to your home.

#1. Increased Living Space

 Having a deck will add valuable living space to your home that can be used for parties and other social gatherings. 

People love the outdoors, but they also like having a space dedicated to enjoying it. Having a quality deck makes it more likely that you and your guests will go to your yard and use it. 

A deck becomes a designated space where you can gather without just standing in the grass. Gathering indoors can feel crowded fast whereas a deck, even if it is the same amount of space as an indoor gathering space, feels more spacious because it’s outside and there are no walls. Having a deck creates more social opportunities. 

#2. More Functional Possibilities

Depending on what kind of deck you plan on building, there are additional functions it can serve that you couldn’t otherwise enjoy. For example, decks can include a bonfire pit, a hot tub, or a grill. 

Any of these extra features would create new functions for your home. Having multiple functions for a space makes it more likely that the space will be enjoyed which is what we are all looking for when we do a home renovation project. 

Adding functionality to your space is an important thing to consider when doing any type of home project.

#3. Increases Home Value

One key feature of a new home that is becoming increasingly popular is a deck. The market is reflecting that houses with viable decks that are functional and attractive are selling faster and for higher rates.

New homeowners are asking realtors to help them find a home with features like an open floor plan and a deck. 

People often think that renovation projects like an updated kitchen or bathroom will help increase their home resale value. While it is true, a deck is something that can also help with your resale value which is definitely worth considering.

#4. Longevity

A new deck has an average lifespan of 10-15 years which means that it will be around for years to come. With proper maintenance and care, you could get it to last longer. 

Other composite deck materials may last longer than a traditional wood deck, but it is worth noting that a wooden deck is easier to repair, modify, and afford. Building a deck is definitely considered an investment. 

Considerations to Think About Before Building a Wood Deck


3 Considerations to Think About Before Building a Wood Deck

#1. Plans for Wood Decks

Getting started on your plan for the deck is half the battle. You will need to first figure out what your property bounds are and get any permits you may need from the city to build your deck. 

Some cities have limits on how high a deck can be or how close it can get to your neighbor’s property so be sure to plan carefully around those limitations. 

Once you get an understanding of what kind of space you have to work with you will also need to plan for any landscaping you are working around. 

If you’re building the deck on a mostly flat yard there is less to consider. However, if there is a hill or any changes in elevation you need to make sure the plan you have will work for the type of yard you have.

#2. Designs for Wood Decks

The nice thing about using wood as a material for your deck is that it is easier to customize than some of the other options available. 

There are countless deck designs to choose from, so you will want to brainstorm what types of features that you want to include. 

For example, you could include stairs, a guard rail, a bonfire pit, perhaps a pergola, or an overhang.

 How you plan to use your deck will impact the type of design plan that you need to consider. You also have an endless number of paint colors to choose from. 

Since a wooden deck is so easy to paint and repaint, you can customize your wood deck design color and change it along the way if you so choose.

#3. Cost Analysis and Financing

Choosing to build a deck should be seen as an investment–you are adding additional living space to your home. There are different ways to pay for this expense. 

If you can pay for the project upfront in cash that would be the ideal way to handle it. However, most of us need help financing the project. You can pull out a loan from a bank, or refinance on your mortgage to help pay for the additional costs of the new deck. 

There are financing options available. Popular home improvement companies often offer discounts if you open a line of credit with them which can help you save on the cost of the project. On average, the cost of a deck is about $25 per square foot. 

Of course, that will depend based on where you live and the kind of deck you are building. However, it is a nice way to start planning your financing for building a wood deck.

Investing in a deck is a worthwhile project to add value and function to your home. Whether you are looking to restore a disheveled deck or build a completely new one, having a deck for your home is something you and your family will enjoy for years to come.

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