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What is Waterscaping

Waterscaping is the art and science of incorporating water features into a landscape. It can be as simple as adding a fountain to a front yard or as complex as designing and building a water garden with waterfalls, streams, and ponds.

It takes more than pumps, rocks, and waterfalls to make a great waterscape.

A great waterscape pulls together conventional landscaping, water features, and the beauty of the surrounding area to create a majestic and serene environment.

The Benefits of a Waterscape

The sights and sounds of running water are naturally soothing. Their Mother Nature’s way of helping us reduce stress and anxiety.

Water features do more than put our minds at ease. They add unmatched character to every property by creating a naturally unique and inviting space.

If you’re considering a waterscape, you’re probably a nature lover.

Water features are not only inviting and soothing to humans they also attract furry and flying creatures looking for a spot to cool off or a place to find a drink.

The sound of a running stream or trickling waterfall is a great way to counteract nearby noise pollution.

Koi ponds are a waterscaping feature that has increased in popularity exponentially in recent years.

Their beauty and serenity make them highly sought after.

When designing and installing a Koi pond you have to account for the biological habitat of the fish and the aesthetics of the pond.

Natural Design

Most of our clients decide to go with a custom design of plants and rocks around the exterior of the pond and natural vegetation inside their pond

It’s critical to have some plants on the surface of the water to provide shady spots for the koi.

Not only will putting plants around the outside achieve a vibrant and beautiful look, putting vegetation inside the pond will provide a “home” and a happier environment for the koi.

There are two main options for putting plants in your pond.

Floating-Pacific Mosquito Fern, watershed, and water clover will stay on top of the surface of the water without embedding their roots in the bottom of the pond. Koi are omnivores and may feel their leaves. But, they rarely cause serious damage.

Coontale, Watersmartweed, and Waterweed are three good choices if you’re looking for plants to stay submerged under the water. Submerged plans help to increase the oxygen level and keep algae at bay.

Fountains and Geysers

Fountains and geysers are a great way to add a touch of elegance to any landscape.

We can help you find the perfect fountain or geyser for your property. Whether you want a pre-fabricated model from a distributor or you have your heart set on a custom fountain, will get you the perfect piece for your pond.

Babbling Boulders (One of Our Most Popular Futures)

Babbling boulders are exactly as they sound. They are essentially a boulder with a water supply inside. Water cascades over the top and down the sides.

Each babbling boulder is unique, elegant, and maintenance free. Not to mention, picking the boulder of your choice gives you the opportunity to add a one-of-a-kind bit of personalization to your waterscape.

These attributes are no doubt why babbling boulders have become one of our most popular water features.

Reflecting Ponds

Reflecting Ponds​ Taj Mahal

From the Taj Mahal to the Lincoln Memorial, some of the most iconic properties in the world have reflecting ponds. You don’t have to have a national monument in your backyard or live next to one of the seven wonders of the world to enjoy the beauty and tranquility of a reflecting pond.

All you really need for a reflecting pond is 6-12 inches of water and a scene you want to reflect.

It may be the beautiful backdrop of your backyard or your garden you’ve worked on for years.

The beauty of a reflecting pond is its simplicity. Keeping the water clean with the basic maintenance and a filtration system is the only thing property owners need to worry about.

Occasionally property owners decide to put dark die or pebbles in the pond to provide more contrast for the reflection.


beautiful and relaxing waterfalls

Year-over-year waterfalls continue to be one of our most popular water features. They provide all the benefits of moving water but require far less maintenance than a pond.

A beautiful and relaxing waterfall can be added to nearly any property. You don’t have to have a steep drop for the falls or dozens of dozens of yards of space for the water to run.


backyard stream waterscaping

A backyard stream gives you the beauty and tranquility of running water while creating a welcoming environment for nearby critters to gather.

A stream is one of the most versatile water features out there. You can make it as wide or as deep as you would like.

You can add steppingstones and waterfalls to create an environment that perfectly matches and invasion you have.

Maintaining Water Features

Aeration is a great way for maintaining water features to keep water features healthy and vibrant. There are two types of aerators. Floating fountains and bottom diffused aerators.

Fountains and diffusers keep the water from becoming stagnant by keeping the oxygen level high. This will help reduce problems of odor. It will also help to encourage the decomposition of mental material.

While fountains keep the water turning above the surface, bottom diffused aerators keep the water turning below.

Choosing between a fountain or a bottom diffused aerator is largely a matter of preference. Fountains can be configured with different features. These features can add a level of character to your property especially at night as they provide a combination light and water show.

Many property owners may want to look into all-natural herbicide and pesticide options. These will give you the ability to keep algae and unwanted critters away while not harming the water feature you’ve worked so hard to design.

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