Waterfall Project in St. Charles

Check out a recent Waterfall Landscape project we completed in St. Charles, MO.

In May, I was contacted by the Bakers about finishing a waterfall project that someone else had started for them. They ended up getting rid of them after what they described as “a disaster was taking place.”
I set up an appointment and made a trip out to take a look at what was going on and I was a little shocked, to say the least, with what I have seen upon my arrival. So I presented them with an estimate, timeline, and a description of what I planned on doing. Once they agreed to my proposal in late June, we got started on the project.
We started by collecting tons of huge boulders and creek rocks that the customer already had on their beautiful piece of creek property. Once we had all of the boulders and rocks ready, we got started building their waterfall project. After 3 weeks we had their beautiful waterfall and flagstone patio project done and they just absolutely loved it.
waterfall project picture 1
waterfall project picture 3
waterfall project picture 2
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