Top 10 Do’s and Don’ts of Landscaping: Check this Guide Now

Many homeowners make the mistake of attempting to do their own landscaping without having knowledge of the rules of designing a landscape. Many homeowners also don’t understand all types of things they need to know about their lawns, trees, shrubs, flowers, and plants to maintain them correctly either.

Doing this job correctly is time-consuming, and you should learn about landscaping design and maintenance before you start a project.

1. Do-Start With A Plan

You need a well-detailed plan in advance of starting on your landscape design in Wentzville. You need to decide where you want to put certain plants and flowers based on their needs for sunlight and shade, and water requirements.

If you merely go to a nursery and pick out plants that look nice, they may not actually thrive being planted in the same areas as each other. You need to choose plants with the same requirements to group together in a garden bed or flowerbed for the best results.

2. Do-Know About Your Soil Conditions

This is a very important aspect of landscape design–to understand about your existing soil and plan accordingly. For example, if you want to plant a lawn with grass, you first need to know which types of grass thrive in your exact area. You also need to be mindful that if you have a slope on your lawn, you will need to keep the soil from eroding and your grass seed along with it while washing to the bottom of the hill after a hard rain.

In some cases, you should choose to use sod rather than seed, such as on a sloped landscape. Also, realize that sod is much more costly than seed, but it fills in on your lawn much quicker too if you plant sprigs.

Greenery with Fences Do Protect Property

3. Do-Protect Your Property

Your landscaping design in Wentzville can actually protect your property in many ways. Using greenery with fences can give you perfect privacy in a living wall. Trees can help provide some shade for your home to reduce your electric bills for cooling in the summer heat.

Shrubs or trees can also shield your outdoor HVAC unit from hot sunlight to preserve it, and reduce the amount of energy it uses. Many times, shrubs are planted next to homes to prevent water from pooling near the foundation after heavy rain. It also decreases your need for supplemental watering and the cost to maintain the shrubs.

4. Don’t-Forget About Your Pets and Wildlife

You need to think about your pets that go outside and your landscape design, as well as any wildlife in your area, such as deer. It helps to elevate your flower beds so they are pet-resistant and your dog doesn’t relieve himself on your plants. This will also be deer resistant as well.

5. Do-Choose a Focal Point

A good landscape plan always includes a focal point as one area to draw the eye to it. It can be a simple item, such as a birdbath or a fountain to attract attention to it.

Top 10 Do's and Don'ts of Landscaping

6. Do-Think Long-Term

If you are planting trees or shrubs, you need to consider what size they will be at maturity of about 10 years old. Your plants and shrubbery grow and change over time. You don’t want to plant trees where the root system will grow into your swimming pool, under your patio flooring or into overhead power lines either. Think about the types of trees you want on your lawn too. Some require more maintenance, such as raking leaves very often, while others don’t need as much attention.

7. Do-Make a Budget

Landscaping a yard can get very expensive very fast if you’re not careful. You buy some of one item and then see other things you like, and before you know it, your purchases have gone through the roof. After you set a budget, you can swap out some items for others that may be similar but at a smaller cost to stay within your budget.

8. Don’t-Add Too Many Plants

If you keep adding more and more plants, your design will be ruined because it will look more like a jungle than a plan. Also, the more plants you add, the more upkeep and expense there will be to maintain them all.

9. Don’t-Forget About the Extras

Don’t forget about adding outdoor furniture–if you have a beautiful lawn and nowhere to sit and admire it, then all your hard work is going to go unnoticed. Adding some outdoor lighting also helps your landscape design in Wentzville to come alive and illuminate at night.

10. Do-Work With An Experienced Professional

While; you may want to attempt to do your own landscaping, you can actually save a lot of time and costly mistakes by hiring professionals for this job. They understand exactly what will work the best for your particular lawn, and they know which plants will perform the best for your area. Doing it yourself usually leads to some costly mistakes that can be avoided with professional help.

At Warren Professional Services, we’ve been doing landscape design for many years, and we are local, so we understand exactly what will and won’t work for your landscape. We can offer you many different choices and help you to make a functional and beautiful area while staying within your budget. We can also maintain it for you after it’s completed to give you more free time to enjoy it. Contact us today for landscape design in Wentzville!

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