How to Choose the Best Fence for Your Home?

Fencing offers you instant privacy and security for your children and pets, blocking your home from street view. Fences are aesthetically pleasing and add charm, character, and beauty to your home while increasing its value.


Depending on the space you’re working with and your needs, different fences can provide you with various benefits. Before you invest, you should consider some facts about fences and what kind of options you have. If you’re looking for the most reliable Warren fence company, reach out to Warren Professional Services today to learn more about what goes into the fence-selection process.

How Do I Choose a Fence for My Home?

Much of choosing a fence comes down to personal preference and taste. Whether you need a wall for security or privacy, you want to select something that acts complementary to the landscaping and design of your home.


One of the first things you need to consider is your budget. Consider maintenance and upkeep costs after the initial fence installation, as installing the cheapest fence does not always mean you’ll spend less over time.

Reasons to Add Fencing


Depending on the crowdedness of your neighborhood and other factors, you may want a full or partial shield from the outside world. Choose a fence with little or no space between each board for true privacy. Even spaced lattices can mask your landscape from the outside when paired with shrubbery.

Safety and Protection

Higher fences add a layer of security from unwanted trespassers – and they can even keep your pets safe within your yard. If you want a security fence, you should build it at least eight feet high with a durable, lockable gate. Utilize flush boards and avoid horizontal rails to prevent anyone from climbing in or out.


A large sell on yard fences is the peace of mind they deliver. Solid fences block out a lot of the noise from the street or neighbors, allowing you to relax in near silence.

Boundaries for the Front and Back Yards

If you use your back and front yards for different purposes, creating a boundary between the two can be similar to the walls between rooms in your home. This works exceptionally well for backyards with pools, as the added layer of security prevents young children from accidentally wandering into the backyard.


Overall, you wouldn’t buy a fence without considering how it functions for your home. Whether acting as a barrier to new visitors or just framing your yard and home, a fence’s versatile functions are what make it appealing to homeowners.

wooden fence in manicured yard

What Kind of Fencing Material Do You Prefer?

Vinyl Fencing

PVC and vinyl fences can be seen across the country. Homeowners love this option because it requires little to no maintenance and looks lovely in any yard. An expert from a Warren fence company can help you determine if vinyl fencing is right for your property.

Composite Fencing

At Warren Professional Services, we see more and more families choose composite fencing due to its ability to mimic the look of wood. As maintenance-free as vinyl but more robust, this fence type tends to be more expensive up front but cheaper over time.

Wood Fencing

A fence company can easily and quickly install a wood fence in any yard. Wooden fencing appears natural and classic, and you can change the color any time with paint.

Iron Fencing

Wrought iron and cast iron will last hundreds of years with rust as its single maintenance issue. You can freely paint this strong and durable option as you wish, opening up a new realm of aesthetic opportunities. Iron fencing is a cost-effective option when considering the low maintenance and lasting power.

Chain-Link Fencing

While most people think of chain-link in terms of commercial properties, many fence contractors install these as affordable options for homeowners who want to keep their pets safe. Chain-link fencing offers plenty of variety, including galvanized and vinyl-coated variants.

Aluminum Fencing

If you want something similar to wrought iron without the rust, look no further than aluminum fencing. These look regal in black or white, but be careful, as they are purely ornamental and not meant for climbing.

Final Tips – Lawn Care and Landscape Services Offered by the Best Warren Fence Company

The best tip we can offer is to do your research ahead of time. Create a list of what you want in a fence and compare it to the pros and cons of owning each type of fence.


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We have hundreds of fence makes and models and can promptly install any of them in your yard.

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