Make the Most Out of a Small Backyard With These Small Deck Design Ideas

Even if your outdoor space is limited, you can add a small deck to your backyard. There are small deck design ideas available for every type of small outdoor space. With some creativity and expert tips, you can design and decorate a space to keep you happy and enjoying everything the summer season has to offer.

What Are Your Small Deck Needs?

Before you explore deck design ideas, evaluate your outdoor space. You will need to measure the square footage of the entire room and calculate the outdoor living area you want to use. If you already have a swimming pool, hot tub, fire pit, barbecue, or another type of built-in structure, then any tiny patio deck should fit in with them.

Size Matters

A deck does not have to be large or complex to function well. A simple, straight-board deck running parallel to your house can beautifully serve your needs without overwhelming the space. A round or half-round shape can create interest and appeal for a small space while providing the seating you need.

Another great way to utilize limited space and maximize your small deck is by using tiers. A tiered deck offers plenty of room for entertaining and relaxing while also bringing together your indoor and outdoor living areas.

If you plan on entertaining on your deck, you should consider how you will be entertaining. Grilling and dining areas take up space, and you have to consider how guests can safely get around barbecues or a table and chairs in the seating area. If you’re more of a casual living room-style entertainer, then cushions and a coffee table may be a priority for space navigation.

Building Materials

wooden deck
Decks of any size are generally made from wood, though concrete, stone, and tile may all be a part of the completed outdoor living area. Wooden decks are very flexible in their design, allowing you to take advantage of the angles of your backyard space. Variations in the angle of the deck or adding tiers add visual interest to your small area. Wooden decks may be painted or stained, so you can stick with a natural timber look or color the deck to create a focal point in the yard.

Decorating Your Small Deck

When decorating your tiny deck, think about how you want it to function for you. If you have a large lawn area for entertaining and play, then your backyard deck may be more of a relaxing place to enjoy a drink or read the newspaper. If it dominates your small yard, you may want to focus on small deck ideas that maximize the area for both storage and seating.

Space-Saving Seating and Storage

Perimeter seating with built-in storage serves both purposes. It provides ample space for guests to relax and enjoy refreshments. You can store cushions, pillows, and other entertaining accessories in the seats out of harm’s way and easily accessible.

Double-duty decorating ideas give you plenty of freedom and flexibility in your small space. Fencing and walls can accent and separate areas, and hooks and shelves add storage and display areas. A glass tabletop on a fire pit provides a functional coffee table when a warm fire isn’t needed.

You can consider hanging seating such as a porch swing or swing chairs to use every inch of space. Then you can remove them if more floor space is needed or add more swing chairs as needed for entertaining.

A raised deck area offers an opportunity for storage underneath. The addition of screening or skirting around the deck bottom can hide various items, including seasonal furniture.

Bring the Indoors Outside

Outdoor living spaces expand your indoor living space into the outdoors. Including interior design elements, including cushions, curtains, and rugs, accomplishes this.

Comfortable cushions and pillows on the furniture provide coziness and visual appeal, and additional floor pillows offer different spots to relax and unwind.

Sheer curtains are ideal for dividing off space on your deck or for adding a degree of flexible privacy when you want to relax on your own.
Outdoor rugs can add color, texture, and comfort to your small deck area. Outdoor rugs made from various materials can protect your wooden deck from sun damage and offer a comfortable surface for bare feet.

Vibrant Colors

A small deck space doesn’t have to be a dull space. Even if your design is minimalist, wise in a limited area, you can still bring plenty of color and interest to the room to bring it to life.

Use complementary fabrics and designs to enhance the space and reflect the atmosphere you wish to create. Natural materials and subdued colors create a quiet and relaxing mood, while bright accents give the area a sense of fun and light.

Greenery is an important addition that adds to the mood and life of your small deck space. Include some taller plants and small trees to add height to space. Include lower shrubs in pots or built-in planters to expand the space outward without eating up your whole lawn area.
Trees, plants, and flowers can also be used for shade and privacy and serve as a bridge between the plants and flowers in the rest of the yard.

Learn More About Creating a Comfortable Small Deck Space

Whether you have home improvement skills and need some guidance or you need professionals to bring your small deck ideas to life, Warren Professional Services LLC is here to help. Family-owned and operated, we provide landscaping and lawn care services throughout Boone, Lincoln, Montgomery, St. Charles, and Warren Counties from our base in High Hill, MO.

Whatever your lawn and landscaping needs may be, we have the knowledge and experience to get the job done right, on time, and within your budget. If you’re considering adding a small deck to your property or have any questions about our services, give us a call at (573) 489-2306 today.

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