How Often Should You Schedule Lawn Care Services?

Many people get lawn care services to spruce up their yard in the warmer months or clean up debris during the fall. However, contrary to popular opinion, taking care of your lawn is a year-round responsibility. At Warren Professional Services, we offer comprehensive lawn care services to keep your property, trees, and shrubs in tip-top shape regardless of the season.

 We can help build a schedule that works for you, allowing us to handle any task you need, from aeration and overseeding to weed control. While we can offer some lawn care services in St. Louis throughout the year, we need to time other procedures with the seasons. Read on to learn more about why you should take care of your lawn, when you should schedule certain proactive and maintenance lawn care services, and how regularly tending to your lawn will keep it healthy long past its natural lifespan.

Spring Lawn Care Services

We list this season first because it typically requires the most lawn care as your yard becomes lush again after the winter. We offer the following lawn care services throughout March, April, and May:

  • Yard cleanup: This involves raking and removing all debris that accumulated from the fall into the winter, creating a clean canvas for the rest of our treatments.
  • Soil testing: You need a healthy foundation to keep your lawn strong. When the soil loosens after the winter, this is the perfect time for us to test it for nutrients and pH levels. This paves the way for fertilization, as it lets us know what kind of custom mixture we need.
  • Aeration and overseeding: Aeration creates tiny holes in your yard, opening soil to receive water, air, and nutrients more efficiently. This process is integral in yards with a lot of foot traffic. Couple this with overseeding, and you’re bound to have a beautiful, healthy lawn.
  • Dethatching: We’ll remove any harmful thatch layers on top of your grass to allow water and nutrients to reach the roots better.
  • Fertilizing: Fertilizing is what it’s all about, as this gives your grass the nutrients it needs to grow thick and strong. Our brand-name and proprietary blends come designed to meet your lawn’s needs.

Summer Lawn Care Services

We offer these annual lawn care services from June to August:

  • Mowing grass high: Particularly in the summer, you want a higher cut, as tall grass yields longer, stronger roots. This also helps your grass compete with weeds. 

  • Treating for pests: Grubs and pests can completely ruin your lawn. Taking care of them safely ensures their elimination without harming your lawn.

  • Weed control: We have a variety of selective and non-selective herbicides. Summer is the ideal time to fight back against weed growth.
Fall Lawn Care in St. Louis

Fall Lawn Care Services

From September to November, we focus primarily on feeding cool-season grasses and winterizing your property to keep it safe until the spring.

  • Fertilization: This is the time to feed cool-season grasses. Grass will store absorbed nutrients to get through its dormant winter.
  • Short mowing: Mowing short prevents mold growth.
  • Patching and seeding: The fall is a great time to patch over dead areas of your lawn to restore thickness. We have a comprehensive patching and seeding process that ensures you get suitable grass that will thrive in your lawn’s environment.

Winter Lawn Care Services

We typically do less lawn work from December through February, when your grass is dormant. Still, we take the following steps to protect your lawn and winterize it as needed:

  • Carefully melting ice: De-icing can be a tricky process, so we’ll handle it for you to ensure your grass stays safe.
  • Blocking foot traffic: Tender, resting grass can sustain more damage than when it’s out of its dormant stage in the spring. We can place safeguards around your landscape to ensure no one mats, compresses, or kills any of your grass.

Lawn Care Services in and Around St. Louis

Are you ready to start a lawn care company based in St. Louis? Give Warren Professional Services LLC a call today at (573) 409-5098 to speak with our customer service members and learn more about how our lawn care services can transform the way you use your property.

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