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Retaining Walls

If your property is on a slope or on soft ground, a retaining wall isn’t just nice to have, it’s an absolute necessity. Warren Professional Services LLC can design and build one that will keep your soil where it belongs, and add symmetry, functionality, and beauty to your property all while increasing your home’s value. Call our team in High Hill, MO, to get your retaining wall or hardscape built before the next big rain.

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Retaining Walls: Fun & Functional

Retaining walls can serve a practical purpose while adding beauty and function to your landscape. Whether you want yours built out of stone, boulders, timber, or another material, Warren Professional Services LLC has the experience and the expertise to complete them all. 

A retaining wall can turn a hill or slope into a terraced hallmark of beauty, providing space for a stunning garden, patio, or other usable space. Retaining walls hold back earth to inhibit erosion and offer safety benefits as well. 
Whether you have questions about materials or wish to obtain an estimate for your next project, contact our team in High Hill, MO, to discuss where and how we can build a retaining wall that will create functional, aesthetic benefits for your landscape.
multi colored retaining wall
retaining wall and stone steps

Benefits of Retaining Walls

The decision to build a retaining wall is a significant one. How can you be sure that building one on your property will be worth the effort and the expense? 

Retaining walls offer a number of benefits, including, but not limited to: 
  • Preventing flooding, erosion, or sinkholes
  • Making your property stand out from your neighbors
  • Reducing yard work 
  • Preventing damage to adjacent yards or structures
  • Increasing your home’s value
  • Creating more usable land for landscaping or gardening
  • Diverting rainwater to storm drains or collection systems 
Call Warren Professional Services LLC to get started on your retaining wall design in High Hill, MO!

Types of Retaining Walls

When you choose Warren Professional Services to craft and install your retaining walls, you get a multitude of options to choose from, featuring leading brands like Anchor Diamond, Natural Stone, Keystone, and Versalok. Whatever your retaining wall needs are, our experts will be able to exceed your expectations and deliver exceptional, durable, beautiful work. We can provide:
  • Garden retaining walls – Whether to accent your landscaping or section off the garden portion of your yard from the patio portion garden, retaining walls are beautiful, elegant ways to accentuate your property.
  • Stone retaining walls – From limestone to sandstone to granite options, stone retaining walls are visually appealing and serve the practical function of keeping your yard and plants where they should be, preventing erosion. They can be stacked in thin, flat slabs for a modern look, or rounded stones can be strategically stacked on top of each other for a more traditional, cobbled appearance.
  • Boulder retaining walls – Projects that need to make a big impression deserve big materials. We offer boulder retaining walls for when you need to make a statement, whether you choose squared, rounded, grey, or tan boulders. 
Whether you need a garden, stone, or boulder retaining wall, we use high-quality materials and trusted methods to build gorgeous and secure retaining walls for your property. With 25 years of experience and an A+ BBB rating backing us up, we’re experts you can rely on, and we happily provide free estimates on all of our work.