8 Great Paver Patio Ideas to Transform Your Outdoor Space

A well-built patio or outdoor space can change the look, feel, and value of a property. From inviting restaurant patios to cozy backyard relaxation spaces, pavers give outdoor recreation areas unique atmospheres, protection from the elements, and more.


Choosing the right patio paver style and application doesn’t have to be challenging, either. In this blog post, we offer up our top paver patio ideas and some suggestions for what you should be looking for when designing your paver patio layout.


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Things to Consider When Choosing a Paver Patio Design

When thinking about which paver patio designs will work best in your residential or commercial outdoor space, start by considering a few key factors. These decisions can help guide your paver design, purchase, and installation.


How the Space Will Be Used

One of the most critical parts of outdoor design, the intended use dictates many facets of sensible paver patio ideas. For example, if the space will be an outdoor dining area, you’ll need pavers with safe surface textures.


When used right, pavers can make patio spaces safer. When designing the layout of your paver patio, make sure they’re installed in a way that will make the area safer rather than creating new risks.

Color Schemes

Colors schemes hold a lot of influence over the atmosphere in any space, indoor or outdoor. Your outdoor Zen garden patio may require different colors, for example, than a Caribbean-themed restaurant.

Top Patio Paver Ideas

8 Top Patio Paver Ideas

#1: The Grid Pattern

Clean edges make for attractive interior and exterior designs. Design your paver patio using a grid layout to keep it looking neat and orderly. You can add unique patterns by interchanging tile colors or using aggregate paver options.

#2: Circular Lounge Area

If you’re considering an outdoor lounge space, we suggest using pavers to create an inviting circular design. Place fire pits, BBQs, or patio tables in the center, creating a space for friends and family to congregate.

#3: The Cobblestone Effect

To achieve a rustic look for your patio area, use patio pavers to recreate an antique cobblestone look. This design is great for natural-looking garden spaces, atmospheric outdoor dining, and more.

#4: Interlocking Stone

For a varied stone look, use interlocking stone patio pavers. These unique stone pavers create design patterns in any shape with asymmetry for a more natural appearance. Stone paver patios fit well with lush gardens and yards, rich wood fixtures, and many other design elements.

#5: Tiled BBQ Pit

Turn your outdoor space or patio into a professional chef’s dream. Use patio pavers to create a tiled BBQ or grilling space. Wow, your guests with a comfortable atmosphere, stunning cooking-in-the-round, and fantastic food.

#6: Paver Stone Patio Pathways

Create a patio garden oasis or lead your guests along visually stunning pathways. With various colors, patterns, finishes, and shapes available, stone patio pavers accentuate foliage and architectural elements. You can build sleek walkways for garden or vineyard tours or connect existing spaces with a flourish.

#7: Modern Aggregate

Give any outdoor patio space a modern, artistic look using unique aggregate pavers. Stray from the typical square and rectangle cuts and choose round, oblong, and varied shapes to create stylish looks with an edge.

#8: Zen Gardens and Waterways

Accentuate outdoor gardens, pools, ponds, and more using customized paver patio designs. Wrap a koi pond with ancient stones or line your new hot tub with ocean blue tiles. Patio pavers clean up edges and boost outdoor safety while boosting the aesthetic appeal of your patio.


St. Louis Paver Stone Patios

Well-placed patio paver stones can transform any outdoor space from boring to inviting. Clean up unkempt backyards, create unique outdoor lounging spaces, or give your restaurant business outdoor dining options that customers will love.


If you’re looking for great paver patio ideas from an affordable paver stone installer near St. Louis, look no further than Warren Professional Services LLC. With over two decades of experience, we’re a lawn and landscape service you can trust. Call today.

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