Best 4 Ornamental Fence Design Tips for Your Home in St. Louis

Constructing a fence around your home or garden is an excellent way to enhance your property’s security, visual appeal, and privacy. Fencing will also establish property lines and provide privacy, depending on the type of design you select for your home.


Ornamental fences are popular in St. Louis. They offer plenty of versatility and complement many home architectural styles. Below are several ornamental fence design tips to consider when you’re ready to install a new fence around your home.

Ornamental Fence Explained

An ornamental fence is a type of yard fence that keeps your property secure without obstructing the view of your landscape. Unlike privacy fences, the decorative variety has evenly-spaced panels or pickets. The panels create a clear distinction between a property’s borders and the surrounding environment without hiding the property from public view.


Ornamental fences are decorative and functional. Customize them with rails, finials, and other details to add to your home’s curb appeal. Choose from a traditional style, a contemporary design, or something in between that suits your home’s exterior and landscape design.

Ornamental Fence Design Tips for Your Garden

One of the essential things to remember about ornamental fences is that they are more than deterrents for trespassers or structures separating your property from a neighbor’s land. These fences are statement pieces that create a focal point for a home or garden.


Finding the most suitable ornamental fence for your property begins with selecting the material. Modern manufacturing techniques allow property owners to have classic fence styles with nontraditional materials. Below are the most common materials for your consideration.

Aluminum Fence

Aluminum is an excellent option if you want to mimic the appeal of a traditional wrought iron fence with reduced maintenance. The material is lightweight, durable, and doesn’t require much upkeep.


With an ornamental aluminum fence, you can choose between a classic style or something more contemporary. Panel layouts are simple, and a fence contractor can arrange them in many basic patterns.

Vinyl Fence

Another low-maintenance option is vinyl fencing, and it mimics wood and metal varieties. Vinyl picket fences tend to have square profiles and have a longer lifespan than wood. The panels are prefabricated and easy to install.

Ornamental Wood Fence

The classic picket fence is an example of ornamental wood fencing. It features vertical pickets on horizontal rails with gaps between each panel. However, today’s wood fencing is available in multiple styles and can include decorative panel profiles and varying heights to create a visually stunning contour.

Iron Fence

Iron is the material of choice for the most traditional ornamental fences because the metal adds a sense of elegance to the natural environment. Iron fences’ designs tend to be simple, featuring panels that extend above a simple horizontal rail, sometimes with finials on top. However, some options include elaborate elements like scrollwork or arched pickets.

metal ornamental-fencing

4 Design Tips for Your Ornamental Fence in St. Louis

If you need assistance coming up with your ideal ornamental fence design for your St. Louis home, consider these design tips.

  • Add Gold Accents: Make a bolder statement with your ornamental fence with gold tip detailing. The color will starkly contrast the fence’s dark color.
  • Modernize the Picket Fence: Take a fresh approach to the classic white picket fence with narrow spindles instead of wood balusters.
  • Incorporate a Flat-Top on an Iron Fence: If you prefer a sleek, streamlined appearance for your ornamental fence, consider the flat top iron fence. The flat-top contrasts pyramid-shaped post caps.
  • Combine Styles: You can combine your favorite aspects of various styles to create something unique. For example, you can incorporate spirals and quat ball top finials for a Gothic aesthetic or modernize the fence with white horizontal sections and black iron uprights.

Reliable Fence Company in St. Louis

Your home in St. Louis, MO, deserves to have the best ornamental fencing to improve your property’s security and curb appeal. Quality fencing installation requires the assistance of a skilled contractor to ensure its longevity, beauty, and functionality.


Warren Professional Services LLC is one of the leading fencing contractors serving St. Louis. With more than 20 years of experience, we know the best ornamental fence design tips to create beautiful structures that will stand the tests of time. Contact our team today for more information.

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