Lincoln, MO Landscape Design & Lawn Care Services

For many homeowners, caring for the yard is just as important as maintaining the house. At Warren Professional Services, we couldn’t agree more.
Our Lincoln, MO, landscape design professionals know how to take an ordinary yard and create an unmatched outdoor setting. Since 1993, we have been helping homeowners in Lincoln and surrounding counties bring their backyard ideas to life.
From decks to gardens, Warren Professional Services can help home-and-yard owners enhance their outdoor space with unparalleled design and installation services. With over 20 years of experience, we know what it takes to turn any yard into an outdoor paradise.

Lincoln, MO, Lawn Care

To keep lawns looking lush and beautiful, they require regular maintenance. Warren’s lawn care and landscape service can revive a dingy, discolored yard and turn it into an outdoor wonderland.

Every Lincoln, MO, lawn care visit begins with a thorough evaluation of your outdoor space; once we know what your yard needs, we get to work. Our lawn care services in Lincoln include pest control, mowing, trimming, fertilization, and more!

Lincoln, MO, Landscape Design

Whether you want to upgrade your current outdoor living space or have an entirely new yard, Warren Professional Services can help you achieve your ideal outdoor look.

From planting barrier trees for noise reduction to increasing fertilization for your garden, a well-designed and maintained landscape can serve you for several purposes beyond aesthetics.

Don’t worry if you’re not quite sure what you envision. Our Lincoln, MO, landscape design team can help you create a yard that is both functional and beautiful.

Lincoln, MO, Decks and Fencing

Adding a deck or fence to your yard increases privacy and welcomes family and friends to your outdoor gathering space. Warren’s Lincoln, MO, decks and fencing services include everything from installation to restoration. A quality deck can live up to 15 years in your yard; Warren’s team of professionals uses high-quality materials and state-of-the-art tools to create long-lasting results. From wood decks to vinyl fencing, we can help you find a material and style that fits the unique look of your yard.

Lincoln, MO, Retaining Walls and Hardscapes

There are two types of hardscape walls: retaining and freestanding.

A retaining wall is ideal for hillside homes as they hold soil in place while keeping the wall secured. A freestanding wall improves the yard aesthetic by adding a unique look. As a bonus, freestanding walls can double as outdoor seating.

Lincoln, MO, Hydroseeding

Hydroseeding is the modern-day technique for effectively seeding lawns. Instead of gradually seeding lines across the yard, hydroseeding tools use a liquid mixture containing grass-enhancing substances that spread across the area. The result is beautiful, lush, healthy grass that will inspire you to romp around barefoot.

Warren Professional Services’ Lincoln, MO, hydroseeding can restore grass in any yard, no matter how small or large.

Lincoln, MO, Waterscapes Landscaping Design

Waterscape design improves the look of your yard’s aquatic attributes while keeping it protected. Our waterscape design includes services for lakes, waterfalls, irrigation, fountains, and more.

Whether you have a backyard pond you would like to revamp, or you want to enhance your property by adding the tranquility of running water, Warren’s landscape architects can help. Our Lincoln, MO, landscape design experts will examine your property and work with you to create a look that fits your outdoor objectives.

Schedule Our Lincoln, MO, Landscaping Services Today

At Warren’s Professional Services, we aim to revive every yard in Lincoln and surrounding areas with exceptional landscape design services. Whether you reside in a hillside home or have a yard that has been somewhat neglected, our landscape services can help you create a look that has you calling your friends to visit.

Every Lincoln, MO, landscape design service begins with planning. First, our experts will examine the current state of your yard while learning about your goals for your outdoor space. Then, we work with you to design a plan that not only achieves your objectives but creates unparalleled results.

Once you approve of the design, our landscaping professionals get to work. The time it takes to complete a project will depend on the work and materials required. We know that your time is valuable; that is why we keep you informed every step of the way.

Our goal is to create a final result that exceeds expectations. From high-quality fences to thorough fertilization, we ensure that our projects will endure as long as possible for you and your family to enjoy.
Whether you are seeking a complete outdoor upgrade or just a quick revival of your current yard, Warren’s Lincoln, MO, landscape design services are here for you.

Contact Warren Professional Services in Lincoln, MO, today at (573) 409-5053 to learn more about how we can improve your yard.