Lake St Louis Lawn Care, Landscaping Design & Installation and Hydroseeding

Proudly Serves Lake St. Louis

Warren Professional Services proudly serves the community of Lake St. Louis, home of Zachary’s Playground and August A. Busch Memorial Conservation Area for your outdoor enjoyment. We are located in High Hill, which is a mere 35 miles from Lake St. Louis. We are the trusted name in all landscaping services, including residential, commercial and we are local to your area with over 27 years of experience in all areas of landscaping and landscape design. We strive for 100% satisfaction from all of our clients and treat you like family whether you have a single project, multiple projects or require ongoing landscape maintenance.

Lake St. Louis Complete Lawn Care Services

We provide lawn care services from the simplest package to the more involved package for all of your lawn care needs. We offer you comprehensive lawn services to include fertilizing as well as maintenance and we can also do weed control and trimming of your shrubs, small palm trees and other small trees. We can make certain that your lawn looks its best all year round and is healthy and lush. This is important for homeowners to have a nice lawn without all the maintenance that goes along with it as well as commercial properties that want to attract customers or apartment green areas to attract new renters.

Landscape Design in Lake St. Louis  With Expert Designers

Our landscape design & installation services can help you to have so much more than just great grass and a few nice trees in any setting. Our experienced designers can help you to create a lovely outdoor oasis that you will love spending time in and enjoying the great outdoors. We can add waterscapes and plants that are focal points in your lawn. We also help you construct an amazing outdoor space for beauty and functionality with separate areas that can be designated with special features, decks, fences and living fences for privacy. We build retaining walls to separate areas while also managing the natural flow of water and giving you visual interest too. We have the expertise and skilled labor to provide landscape design as well as installation for a full spectrum job.

Efficient Hydroseeding

We specialize in hydroseeding for a project that will quickly fill in bare spots or jump-start your beautiful lawn for a new home or commercial project. Hydroseeding is a very efficient and quick manner to get your lawn started and retain more moisture so there is less need for extra irrigation. These types of lawns look much better than others, they are less likely to erode and as an added benefit, they have much greater disease resistance to retain their beautiful, lush green color. You will be pleasantly pleased with how quickly and lovely your landscape can be with hydroseeding rather than broadcasting seed or using sod or plugs.

We welcome your business no matter how large or small the job is and our experts know what plants are best suited for your landscaping needs as we are local to Lake St. Louis and can resource all of the best plantings for you that will look great and need little maintenance. We are fully bonded, insured, and licensed lawn care and landscaping services to protect you in all jobs.