Top 5 Lake Management Techniques for Missouri Waterscapes

Having a lake or pond on your property is an excellent way to transform the landscape into your personal oasis. The scenic area can provide everything from relaxation to recreation.


However, these attractive features need the proper care to thrive. Incorporating the right lake management techniques for your pond in St. Louis, Missouri, is essential for the waterscape’s water quality, aquatic life, and aesthetic value.

What Is a Lake Management Plan?

A lake management plan is a method private lake owners use to boost lake productivity and minimize problems. Fish stunting, poor water quality, and excessive blooms of aquatic vegetation like algae can negatively impact the body of water. As a result, the lake may not be suitable for fishing, swimming, boating, or maintaining its appearance.

Lake Plant Control

Aquatic plants can bring balance to your lake’s ecosystem by providing a source of food and shade to fish and wildlife. Invasive species can cause more harm than good by robbing other plants and animals of nutrients in the water. Understanding your lake’s plant types will be vital for maintaining its ecological balance.

Biological Lake Control

All lakes will accumulate organic matter on their floors, including fish waste, plant matter, leaves, and soil runoff. Weeds and algae can also grow out of control and take over the lake over time. After a while, organic matter can reduce the water quality and cause a nutrient imbalance, so removal is necessary.

Chemical Lake Control

You can add chemicals like herbicides and algaecides to eliminate pesky weeds and aquatic plants. Chemical lake control is an effective but temporary solution because it doesn’t address the root of the problem. Treating your lake’s problematic plant growth without affecting other flora and fauna requires a careful, long-term approach.

5 Lake Management Techniques for a Thriving Waterscape

Plant, biological, and chemical lake control are the basics of lake management. On the surface, lake management seems simple. However, it is a complex plan that experienced waterscape contractors create to treat individual lakes and ponds according to their specific needs.


Here are some of the best lake management techniques that could breathe new life into your lake:


  • Harvesting: Harvesting is a mechanical way to remove aquatic plants and algae at their roots. It’s best for medium- or large-sized lakes with dense aquatic vegetation to allow swimming, boating, and fishing.
  • Lake Nutrient Remediation: Large lakes with too much phosphorus could lead to dissolved oxygen. Nutrient remediation by a skilled technician will balance the lake’s nutrient load and reduce water quality problems like a toxic algae bloom.
  • Water Quality Testing: You need safe water for swimming, finishing, and maintaining the lake’s appearance. Regular water quality testing will let you know if the lake has a water issue that you might overlook with a visual inspection.
  • Aeration: Aquatic life needs oxygen to thrive. A waterscape contractor can supplement your lake’s oxygen supply by installing diffused air aeration systems.
  • Fisheries Management: This technique is essential if you want your private lake to have a healthy supply of fish. Fisheries management involves everything from assessing predator-to-prey ratios to fish stocking and removal.

Premium Lake Management Services Near St. Louis

If you own a pond or lake on your property near St. Louis that needs extra care and attention, choose to work with an experienced waterscape contractor. Be sure that the company you select has the skills, tools, and expertise to provide appropriate lake management techniques for your specific body of water.


You can verify the waterscape contractor’s abilities by reviewing their client testimonials. It also helps to examine photos of their past projects to be confident the team can meet your needs.


Lakes and ponds are lovely waterscapes to have on your Mid-Missouri property. They not only add beauty and tranquility. These water features also have an entertainment value and provide a place for friends and family to gather.


Proper lake management techniques are essential for maintaining the health of your water feature, so allow Warren Professional Services LLC to take care of your waterscape. Our fully licensed and insured team has over two decades of waterscaping experience in St. Louis, MO, and the surrounding areas, including custom waterscape designs and management.


Get the lake management you deserve by contacting our team for a consultation today.

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