Hardscaping Ideas for Your Yard

Having a beautiful yard can be more than just what you plant and how you plant it. Pleasant outdoor environments do not have to rely only on gardening and plant maintenance. Consider resting places, adding sounds to your yard, or having spots with a sturdy foundation for furniture and other amenities.

You can create a beautiful outdoor living space through hardscaping in St. Louis. Think about incorporating these hardscaping ideas into your yard

What Is Hardscaping?

Hardscaping refers to the use of hard landscaping materials. The most common hardscape materials include:

Incorporating hardscapes with the natural elements around them builds harmony. These materials are sturdy and can handle the outside elements more than some plants. Thus, hardscapes work well as long-lasting and cost-effective curb appeal bonuses.

4 Types of Hardscapes and How to Use Them

Outdoor designers utilize hardscape materials in a variety of ways. Several hardscapes can coordinate to create an overall yard image. Consider these different hardscaping ideas and how you can combine them to your preferences.

1. Retaining Walls

When you think of a retaining wall, the first thing that may come to mind is support for the entire house. However, you can make miniature retaining walls from brick to elevate different sections of your yard. They can also support the hills and dips in the ground, keeping it from eroding, with the addition of rustic or modern design.

You can color-coordinate between the furniture or house and the different kinds and colors for retaining wall bricks. These sections also create more places to garden than if you left the ground flat. You can then integrate a variety of shapes and colors through gardening, whether you choose perennials, annuals, or shrubbery in your sections.


2. Decks and Patios

A deck is an elevated outdoor surface usually consisting of wood or composite materials. Builders attach them directly to the house or build them further into the yard. Meanwhile, a patio is often at ground level and requires concrete pavers to form the patio base. Patios may incorporate brick and stone into or around the base.

Many homes add electric appliances and outdoor lighting for an improved appeal. Both options can help transition you from the inside of your house to outdoor areas or create a separate living area in a different section of the yard. Adding furniture to these spaces allows you to color-coordinate with natural elements in harmony with your preferences.

Learn more from our blog about Decks for Homes and Businesses: 9 Best Stylistic Designs to Consider.

3. Fountains

Fountains are part of waterscapes that add the pleasant sounds of flowing water and are perfect for bird lovers. They are available in many sizes and materials that many other outdoor hardscapes don’t offer, including pottery, metal, and glass.


Some custom-made fountains require intricate plumbing, especially those of concrete. Designers can also work off premade fountains that are battery-powered or plug into an outlet. 

4. Decorative Paths

When walking through your yard, you may have a preferred route to get to one spot or another. Instead of dead, trodden grass, you can add a decorative path. Such paths create a beautiful walking space that leads you and your guests to highlights of your yard.

Designers utilize simple or mixed materials, such as concrete with colorful stones, wood, or planted tile. These paths can cover up previous yard damage or prevent new damage.

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