Why DIY Fence Installation Is a Bad Idea

DIY projects always sound fun in theory, but the reality is often different. Many homeowners in Wentzville see fence construction as a great way to put those good weekends to good use and save some money.

However, most of them find out quickly that it’s a job for professional fence installer. The process of fence installation in Wentzville is frustrating for the inexperienced, and there’s the risk of losing money instead of saving it. Here are the reasons why DIY fence installation is a bad idea

1. You Don’t Have the Right Equipment

Fence installation isn’t too technical. However, you still need the right tools to get the job done. Ideally, you’ll need an auger to dig holes, a crimping tool, a hammer, a saw, and more. Renting the tools you don’t have is an extra cost to consider.

Additionally, renting the tools is only half the equation. You need to know how to use them to avoid bodily harm and damage to your fence materials or yard.

Fence Installation Equipment

2. You Can’t Keep the Fence Straight

Most DIY fence installers find out late that lining up the posts of a fence is a challenge that requires years of experience to overcome. If you don’t dig the holes properly, your fence won’t line straight. A crooked fence isn’t just an aesthetic issue; such installations are weak.

3. You May Dig Shallow Holes

DIY fence installers often don’t match the right depth to the right type of fence. Getting the combination correct is essential if you want the fence to stay in place.

The fence will tilt in one direction or fall with the slightest contact when you dig shallow holes. At this point, you’ll end up paying a professional to remedy the situation

4. You May Mix the Concrete Wrongly

Homeowners embracing DIY fence installation often get the concrete mix wrong. However, since concrete sets regardless of the mix, they get the impression that they did a great job. A poor concrete mix is weak and will disintegrate over time

5. You May Find Yard Elevation Too Challenging

Professional fence installers account for different elevations when working on a yard. For the inexperienced, the peaks and valleys are huge obstacles that can throw off their measurement, fence material placement, and more.

6. You Have a Limited Choice of Materials

During DIY fence construction, most people head to a home improvement store to choose from a small selection of fence posts and panels. Professional fence installers give you access to a wider selection of materials, including:

You can also choose custom designs. The professionals will discuss the pros and cons of each one and help you choose the best option to elevate your curb appeal. You don’t have to stick with wood fences forever.

7. Your Project Will Take Too Much Time

DIY fence installation is physically demanding and time-consuming. You have to work slowly in many cases as you juggle the DIY tutorial and implementation. A crew of professionals can complete up to two different fence installation projects in one day.

8. You May Incur Legal Fees

Your neighbor might insist on moving the new fence if you accidentally placed it a few inches beyond your property line. Ignoring the request may lead to a costly legal tussle ruining your relationship with the rest of the neighborhood.

Similarly, completing the installation without getting the necessary permits could lead to fines. The permits for fence installations are straightforward, but many DIY installers are unfamiliar with them. Professional installers take care of everything and stick to the mapped-out boundaries.

Professional Fence Installation in Wentzville, MO

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