Decks for Homes and Businesses: 9 Best Stylistic Designs to Consider

Most homeowners tend to think of their decks as separate from the rest of the home—as great places to grill and maybe relax briefly. We believe it’s better to treat your deck as an extension of your home, bridging the gap between indoors and out.

 If you’re ready to transform your deck space from something mundane into the envy of your guests, read on to see some great ideas for sprucing up decks for homes and businesses. We have tons of beautiful decks and fencing in St. Louis and high-quality renovation ideas that will make you wonder how you’ve lived without them.

Decks in St. Louis

1. Corner Deck

Sometimes, homes have empty corners that are just waiting to be filled. Taking advantage of such a space with a corner deck can bring your property to a new level of chic. These decks pair great with sliding glass doors and furniture.

2. Party Decks for Homes and Businesses

When you build a deck, keep in mind your reasons for wanting one. If you prioritize your backyard for entertaining, consider a party deck that combines relevant features. You can leave room for a hammock, a fire pit, an outdoor kitchen, a television, and even built-in seating. These decks work best for the summer or temperate climates.

3. Pergola Designs

Are you thinking of creating a peaceful place for your friends, employees, or guests to relax comfortably? A pergola offers a shady area of respite in your outdoor space. Best of all, pergolas can keep you shaded while allowing you to enjoy the feeling of being outside.

4. Use Plants and Cushions to Decorate Decks for Homes and Businesses

Plants provide many benefits to our physical and mental health, and adding them to an outdoor space increases visual appeal and mood. If you can’t time a lush garden with your deck upgrade, emulate the look with fake plants for a similar effect.

 To make them look more realistic, pair them with some live plants. Vines are a popular decorative option.

Decks in St. Louis

5. Tree-Hugging Deck

These decks only work if you have suitable landscaping, but you should jump at the opportunity if you have it. Constructing a deck around a tree is a fantastic way to add a magical charm to your space while allowing the tree’s natural beauty to shine through, especially in the spring and summer. Always consult an arborist before embarking on this project, as you want to leave ample room for the tree as it matures.

6. Mixed-Materials Deck

You can combine composite or wood deck builds with concrete to make something stunning and unique. Utilize a low wall with some stairs to create an elegant walk-up. Pair this design with concrete planters and built-in seating for an aesthetically pleasing effect.  Click to read more bout wood deck tips.

7. Table and Bench for Informal Dining

These decks are ideal for families or those who like to entertain. Likewise, companies can utilize these decks for dining spaces for employees during lunch, especially in warmer climates. Go for something more refined if you want to use this space to host large, formal events; you can even design seating into your deck’s build.

8. Petite Decks

Even if your space is too small to accommodate a substantial deck, adding a deck to your area can make the space feel larger while giving you more reasons to use it. Extending the deck over your yard doesn’t limit your ability to use the space beneath it, and it gives you a nice overlook on your property.

9. Destination Decks for Homes and Businesses

You don’t have to limit your deck-building ideas by tethering them to residential or commercial property. If you have a beautiful back yard, you can build a freestanding deck in whatever spot you choose—positing the deck amid trees, a garden, or in the sunniest place in your yard.

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