Boone County, MO Landscape Design & Lawn Care Services

Boone County is a growing community with high hopes and strong values. As a childhood home of Sam Walton, founder of Wal-Mart, Boone County stands out as a place where anyone can become whatever they aspire to become. Whether they’re billionaires—as a few Missourians are—or working your way up, Missourians take pride in what they have.

Make sure your home looks the best it can with Warren Professional Services LLC. Warren Professional Services LLC provides lawn and landscape services in High Hill, MO, and surrounding areas in Boone County. We are proud to be members of the community and remain committed to the satisfaction of all our customers.

Boone County Landscaping Services

We offer the following Boone County landscape design services and the surrounding area. Some may be less familiar to you than others, but we hope you will take a moment to consider whether each one might be right for you.

Boone County Lawn Care

Warren Professional Services LLC does far more than just cut the grass. We fertilize, aerate, and sculpt your lawn to keep it looking healthy year-round. If your lawn has brown patches, dead spots, and other issues, we can revive it or seed new grass for you with our state-of-the-art hydroseeding process.

Do you own a business, condo, or apartment complex? Let us take care of your lawn for you. You can have peace of mind knowing that your lawn looks tidy and green with Warren Professional Services LLC.

Boone County Landscape Design

Embellish your yard with added features that catch the eye and increase your property’s value. Our decks, fencing, stonework, and water features combine elegance and durability to create a functional and enjoyable space for you, your guests, and your family. Our Boone County landscape design team consists of experienced landscape artists who maintain a commitment to quality and professionalism.

Boone County Decks and Fencing

Weather-beaten decks and woodwork become eyesores that make a property look unkempt. At worst, they can be safety hazards with protruding nails and loose boards. Don’t let your deck, fencing, or other wooden structure fall into disrepair. Warren Professional Services LLC can help.

We install high-quality decks and fencing, and we protect our wooden structures with long-lasting paints and seals.

Is there anyone in your home who has limited mobility due to age or disability? Do you own a business that serves customers in wheelchairs or families with strollers? Let us provide handrails and ADA-compliant wooden ramps to allow wheelchair access.

Boone County Hydroseeding

Do you want to create a new lawn but want to avoid the expense of sod? Are you too busy to deal with the hassle of laying down seed with a spreader? Consider hydroseeding. We proudly offer this innovative Boone County landscape design process.

Hydroseeding saves time and money by spraying seeds, mulch, and fertilizer onto the ground. The mixture supports and nourishes the grass seed so that it grows quickly into a lush lawn.

Boone County Retaining Walls & Hardscapes

We strive to combat erosion using hydroseeded lawns. However, sometimes even the healthiest lawn isn’t enough to stabilize the soil. A retaining wall can protect your property from erosion and prevent property damage or injury from mudslides.

Are you worried that a retaining wall will be a drab, utilitarian strip of concrete? A retaining wall can be fun, decorative, and exciting.

At Warren Professional Services LLC, we provide many different types of retaining walls, including garden walls, stone walls, and boulder walls. Each has its distinct look. In addition, we can customize the wall to complement your landscaping and your home or business.

Boone County Waterscapes Landscaping Design

Who hasn’t enjoyed hearing the sound of water or taking a dip in a pool on a warm summer night? Warren Professional Services LLC will build you a pool, pond, waterfall, or fountain to add beauty and elegance to your home. Whether you want a full-sized pool or a simple birdbath, we’ll custom design your water feature to match your landscape and meet your specifications.

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In Boone County, lawn care and landscape design form an important part of homeownership. Every homeowner, great or small, takes pride and enjoyment from their home or business is a success. With every seed, nail, and brick, Warren Professional Services LLC strives to help every one of our customers take one more step toward the American Dream.

Show that you care for your home by hiring the best. Now that you know about the services we offer at Warren Professional Services LLC, please take a look at the work on our website or call us at (573) 400-3781 for a consultation. We offer professional Boone County landscape design but also serve St. Charles, Warren, Lincoln, and Montgomery counties.