Best 5 Low Maintenance Landscaping Ideas to Free Up Your Time

Some people love to be outside and work on their lawns all year round, while others are not so fond of spending all their time there to have a beautiful lawn. Low-maintenance landscapes are very popular now. A low-maintenance lawn doesn’t mean a no maintenance, but you can make it easier on yourself while still looking magnificent!

1. Using Flower Pots for a New Level

Flower Pots for Gardening

Potted plants aren’t just for indoor use. Most potted plants can thrive outside better than inside because they can get more light and natural rain for irrigation purposes. Instead of digging up your lawn to make flower beds and spending all the money and time, consider just using pots for plantings outdoors. Using a large array of different pots for outdoor plants and grouping them together is an absolutely beautiful way to show off your gardening skills. It takes little effort and very little upkeep because potted plants require less water. Make certain you increase the pot size as needed so they don’t become root bound.

You can even source your pots from garage sales and in the neighborhood instead of buying all new pots. Basically, a pot is a pot as long as it has drainage holes in the bottom. You can also upcycle old pots that you have hanging around with a new coat of paint on the outside. Consider glow-in-the-dark paint for an exciting project that is inexpensive and packs a big punch!

2. Add Garden Lighting

Add solar garden lighting low maintenance landscaping ideas

Garden lighting is quite often overlooked, but it’s an inexpensive manner to really dress up your landscape. Choose lights to illuminate walkways or to brighten up the corners of your yard and turn a generic lawn into a lovely scene at night. Choose solar-powered lights from a landscape designer in Wentzville for an inexpensive upgrade that costs little and looks lovely. Light up the best points of your landscape, like a large tree, bush, or flower garden for a great impact.

3. Xeriscaping Is Lovely

Xeriscaping Low Maintenace Gardening

Try your hand at xeriscaping. It’s a process of gardening and beautifying your lawn to reduce or eliminate the need for extra irrigation that costs you money. It’s an alternative to traditional gardening methods that need a lot of extra irrigation. Xeriscaping is beautiful and practical for any landscape design with very low maintenance. Instead of grass, choose gravel and stone and plant some drought-resistant greenery that requires little watering. Many succulents will even flower for you in these conditions. Just sit back and watch the magic.

4. Make an Outdoor Living Space

Outdoor Patio Living Space

Outdoor living spaces don’t require a lot of maintenance. Think off an entertaining space for you, your family, and guests, such as a gazebo or a simple patio area with lights and outdoor furniture. You won’t need to water the area, weed eat it, or mow it. Just sit back and enjoy it throughout all the seasons of the year.

5. Use Mulch in the Place of Grass

Use Mulch in the Place of Grass

Grass areas need to be fertilized, watched for bug infestations, and mowed, but mulch doesn’t. Consider using mulch instead of grass around your flower beds and landscaping areas. It is all-natural and will keep the weeds from growing y blocking the sunlight to let the weed seeds grow. It also breaks down naturally and supplies your soil with nutrients. Just use mulch in your flower gardens–not your whole lawn and make your life a bit easier because no one likes pulling weeds.

Just think about some of these ideas to make your lawn work much easier on yourself. Remember that a low-maintenance yard doesn’t mean it’s a NO maintenance yard, but it can make it easier on you. If this isn’t your style, call Warren Professional Services in Wentzville to help you out.

Contact us today to start your journey to the best landscaping ever for lawn care and landscaping services in Wentzville! We do professional landscaping, beautify lawns and do regular lawn services as well for your lawn to look its best.

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