The Best Fence Types for Homes with Dogs: Beautiful, Secured and Private

Dog owners have an extra hurdle to jump over when it comes to picking out the perfect best fence. Not only do they have to worry about finding a fence that looks beautiful, gives them privacy and security, but they also need a fence that works well for their four-legged friend.

Not All Fences Are Created Equal

Each breed of dog has different needs to stay healthy and happy. The same is true when it comes to dog owners and fences. The right best fence for you depends largely on the furry friend that calls your yard home.

Start with the Right Height

Big dogs have no problem jumping over a fence to chase a squirrel, play with the neighbors, or just enjoy an adventure around the neighborhood. A 5-foot-tall fence is typically the minimum we recommend for dog owners with large breed dogs.

Hopping overall 4-foot fence may present a challenge for dog owners. However, even the most uncoordinated of canines can probably clear a 4-foot fence without too much effort. If you want to be absolutely sure Fido stays in the yard, a 6-foot best fence is going to be your bet.

Chain-Link Challenge

Even the most athletic of dogs aren’t likely to be able to jump over a 6-foot fence. However, chain-link fences create more of an obstacle and less of a boundary. By their very nature, chain-link fences give your dog a place to put their paws. These built-in footholds may mean your fence will be little more than obstacle your dog has to hop over before having free reign of the neighborhood.

Planting Ivy or other vining plants next to the fence will allow the Ivy to make its way up the fence. This could deter a pooch prone to climbing. As an added bonus, it gives the fence a little extra character.

Gaps between your fence and the ground give a persistent pooch the chance to make a break for it. There are a couple of tricks to remedy this problem.

First, you’ve got to hunt down the gaps. Be on the lookout for any gaps bigger than a couple of inches. Also, keep an eye out for any bare spots. Bare spots are an invitation for dogs to start digging. A bear stops may also mean your dog has already decided this is the place he wants to dig.

Fixing low spots or gaps may be simple as building them up with dirt or sod. If your dog is determined to dig, it might be a good idea to use decorative rocks or stones to block the gaps.

Sure Up the Latch

Dogs are often smarter and cleverer than we give them credit for. A clever canine can find a way to flip the fork latch on most chain-link fences. To outsmart your pup, bend a flexible but sturdy piece of wire and running it through the mechanism that allows the fork to move up and down.

If that doesn’t work you can try using a small bungee cord to keep the fence from opening when you don’t want it to. If these tricks don’t keep your dog in the yard, a padlock may be your best bet.

Is an Invisible Fence Perfect for My Pooch

Invisible fences and aboveground fences are both designed to accomplish the same thing. They keep your dog in your yard. However, that’s where the similarities stop. It’s important to choose the best option for your lifestyle and your dog.

Invisible Best Fence Pros

Enjoy the View-Invisible fences that allow you to keep your yard and the surrounding environment just the way you want it. There’s nothing to obstruct your view or flow of your property. Keep It Neighborly-If you enjoy chatting with your neighbors in the backyard or having some company over while you listen to the ballgame an invisible fence might be worth considering.

There is no physical barrier, so you can be as neighborly as your heart desires. No Extra Yardwork-Not having a physical object in the yard means you don’t have to worry about mowing or trimming around anything.

Aboveground Best Fence Pros

Your Dog Will Stay in the Yard-As long as you choose a tall best fence and keep the door locked, you know your dog is going to be safe in the yard. You don’t have to worry about watching them every second of the day or walking the neighborhood looking for them after they have made a break for it.

Keeps Dogs in and Critters Out-Depending on your neighborhood, a physical fence may serve two purposes.

It will keep your dog safe and sound and unwanted guests out of the yard. This is especially helpful if you’re worrying about wild critters making their way into your yard at night. It’s also a good way to keep out neighbors and other unwanted visitors.

No Need for Extra Equipment-Almost every invisible fence requires a special collar. If your dog is smarter than the average bear, they may run for freedom as soon as they get out of the house without the collar.

Plus, you have to remember to keep the collar charged or replaced the batteries every so often.

More Training-Invisible fences aren’t as simple as set it and forget it. Dogs need to be trained to know there is a new barrier in place.

No Guarantee-No matter how intense the jolt, some dogs are simply not fazed. They run through the boundaries of the invisible fence like it was never even there.

Budget Busters-Some invisible fences can be quite expensive. As we mentioned above, there is no guarantee your dog will respect these new boundaries.

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