8 Best Patio Landscaping Ideas That Are Budget-Friendly

You can create a little private area around your patio that is both beautiful with plants, shrubs, and flowers and also very functional. It makes a great area for dining al fresco or entertaining guests in a serene setting. Below are some patio landscaping ideas for you to consider for your home.

1. Creating A Border

Create a border around your patio area with garden beds of roses, flowers, and shrubs for birds to nest in. Mix taller items to the rear of the garden beds, such as small trees, and then put the mid-height items next and the shortest items in the front of the garden beds. You can also consider adding a fire pit in the center of your patio for roasting marshmallows on cooler evenings.

Patio Landscaping Ideas Create and Outdoor Dining Area

2. Create An Outdoor Dining Area

Place an outdoor table and chairs on your patio to create your own outdoor dining area for family and friends. Add curved flower beds around the exterior of the patio with evergreen shrubs that won’t need to be changed out each season as seasonal flowers do. Think about adding some white pebbles for a walkway from the garden beds to the patio to transition the changes from one area to the next.

3. Natural Beauty

Add some large boulders in flower beds around your patio area to give your spaces a natural beauty. If you don’t want to go to the trouble of making garden beds, and adding mulch and plants, you can simply put flowers, shrubs, and small trees of any type in flower pots of different sizes and scatter them around the patio area. It takes little time and money to decorate your patio in this manner and you can always easily change out the plants if you want to.

4. Adding a Pergola

Consider adding a simple pergola above your patio for some filtered light. You can hang trailing flowers and plants in pots from the pergola ceiling for some beauty in your outdoor paradise. Otherwise, if you wish, consider planting vining plants in pots at the pergola’s support legs and let them climb upward and fill in the open area at the top. Honeysuckle grows quickly to fill the spaces overhead and they have a heady sweet scent as well. A landscape designer in Wentzville can help you determine which other types of plants will vine and look beautiful while smelling great on your pergola over your patio.

Adding Pergola Patio Landscaping Ideas Budget Friendly

5. Cater to The Birds

Make flower beds around your patio area with different types of plants in them at different heights. Add a birdbath in the center of a garden bed for a focal point and to attract birds and wildlife to cool down on a warm summer day. You can add flagstone pavers to make a path from one area to the patio as a walkway.

6. Building Border Walls

You can make border walls around your patio about three feet tall with bricks and top them off with wide pieces of slate. This gives you more space for seating on the top of the wall and you can also add potted plants on the top of the wall at different points as well. It also gives guests a place to set their drinks and food as well.

7. Divide A Large Patio Area

If you have a large patio area, you can break it up into two or more sections that are dedicated to different things. The area with a table and chairs would be the dining area and you can create a separate area for relaxing in lounge chairs or a setting with outdoor furniture that faces each other and a table for a conversation area.

8. Create Shrubbery Borders

Plant shrubs around the outside of your patio and trim them to be about two to three feet tall, with the sides trimmed neatly and the tops trimmed off flat. This gives you some privacy and looks great as well. It may take a while for the shrubs to fill in and make a border wall, so choose a fast-growing variety such as boxwoods or burning bush hedges for a bright display of red hedges.

These ideas are just a few for creating the wonderful outdoor oasis that you will enjoy very often. The more inviting a patio is, the more time you will spend there. Contact Warren Professional Services for your lawn care and landscaping services in Wentzville, MO. We have many years of experience in creating lovely outdoor patio areas for homeowners while staying within their budget as well. The possibilities are almost endless for what we can create for you!

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