10 Lovely Landscaping Ideas for Front Yards

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Why Should You Landscape Your Front Yard?

These ten outdoor landscaping ideas for front yards offer homeowners a way to give their house more curb appeal when looking to sell. Even if you don’t have plans to put your house on the market, some thoughtful landscaping makes your home much more inviting to your guests.

 When you come home to a beautiful landscape design every day, the refreshing greenery will begin to relax you even before you retreat into your oasis. Without breaking the bank, you can refine the entrance to your home with one or more of these ten ideas.

Landscaping Ideas for Front Yards

1. A Tranquil Water Feature Makes a Splash

If the aim of your garden design is relaxation, there’s nothing better than a water feature. Whether large or small, the sound of flowing water entrances your visitors. Keep the feature near the porch to add a meditative atmosphere.

Water features don’t have to be fountains, though. A pond might be an option for some homeowners as a water feature, too. Adding small fish and water plants to the pond will bring even more life to your yard.

Front Yard with Tranquil Water Feature

2. Lead the Way With Evergreen Shrubs

An easy yet effective yard landscaping idea is a walkway lined with evergreen shrubs. A simple path to your door beckons guests and welcomes them to your home. Shrubs that keep their foliage year-round add color and warmth, particularly in the winter months.

If you’re a homeowner who lives in a colder region, snow-capped shrubs make for a delightful holiday addition to your outdoor home decor. Adding shrubs is one of the best low-maintenance landscaping ideas for front yards.

3. Raised Flower Beds Elevate the Area

Flower beds in and of themselves are excellent ways to bolster the appearance of any outdoor area. However, planting the flowers in a raised bed adds more dimension to your natural landscape. Not only will elevated beds bring the plants closer to eye level, but the bed will also make its own impression.

The bed that you choose should match the overall aesthetic of your home. For a more rustic feel, try planting the raised garden in a log-style bed or one constructed of distressed wood. For a cleaner, modern appearance, a bed made from brick or cut stone will do the trick.

Front Yard Landscaping Ideas: Flower Beds

4. Keep Your Cool With an Array of Shade Trees

Warmer climates may call for different ideas than a simple garden of perennial or annual flowers. Though a bed of gorgeous flowers will bring a pop to any landscape, shade trees serve as helping hands to the surrounding plants. Strategically placed shade trees prevent other plants from receiving too much sun and burning.

Shade trees can also keep you out of the heat of the sun. A couple of chairs under a few shady trees gives you an extra place to enjoy your yard and may offer a small amount of privacy, too.

5. A Garden That Rocks

Rock gardens make an excellent accent for front yard gardening. Like raised beds, a rock garden draws attention to the plants within it, but the rocks also have an ornamental appeal of their own. Whether you use large or small stones, you can make your rock garden garner as much or as little focus as you like.

front yard with rock garder

6. Set it in Stone

If you don’t have a walkway that leads from your driveway to your door, it’s a small addition to your yard worth considering. Without a walkway, the path to your door that you and your family use every day will deteriorate the lawn. This wearing down can lead to unhealthy and unsightly grass that would be better served with a stone or brick path.

You can keep the walkway sleek by leading it straight to your door. Wind it whimsically from your driveway to your porch for a chance to showcase other points of interest in the yard.

7. Hang Out With Front Porch Garland

Once guests arrive at your door, the visual appeal shouldn’t suddenly stop. Make the transition from the yard to the home seamless with hanging garland. Climbing and vining plants that drape around your porch give your home a fantastic woodland air.

Be careful when applying this idea, however. Too much garland might overwhelm the eye and make your home look unkempt. Striking a balance is key with this idea.

8. Bordering on Genius

A well-defined border helps visually separate your lawn from your garden. Outdoor areas with perfect edges can achieve this separation, but you can emphasize the boundary even further. Line the edges of your garden with a border of brick, stone, or short fencing for an edge that stays clean and requires less equipment and maintenance.

Landscape designs that attract subtle attention, like small garden borders, are often more effective than large centerpieces.

9. Lights Make a Brilliant Addition

Adding lighting to your yard makes all the difference once the sun goes down, and the options you have for lighting are nearly endless. Small solar lights that charge during the day and light your walkway at night are a practical choice. Threading lights in tree branches can bring a lovely ambiance to your home after dark, too. However, you can be as bold as you like with your lighting choices.

10. Spot an Island From Your Front Door

For lawns with large areas of flat turf, adding an island is a great choice to break up the landscape. A small garden in the middle of the yard has a different effect than one that is up against your home. Island gardens are the ideal spot to plant vibrant flowers and other flora with lively foliage to add more color to the sea of green grass.

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